Please complete this form to express your interest in volunteering for Kingston Pride!  Kingston Pride will contact you through the email address provided when volunteer opportunities come up.  At any time, you can unsubscribe from getting these emails about volunteering.  If you don’t notice emails, please check your Spam Folder in your email address.  Kingston Pride uses MailChimp for this service.

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Volunteer Types:

Parade Marshal – Parade Marshals are those very important people who move alongside the parade and ensure the parade moves smoothly through street intersections.  This is a very important role and Kingston Pride is always looking for as many volunteers as possible for this position.

Park Fair Helper – Also known as a Community Fair Helper, are volunteers helping out at the Community Fair in McBurney Park/Skeleton Park.  Suggested duties may include helping exhibitors find their booth area, marking out the fair floor plan, being a guide to the fair, answering general questions, setup of the pride booth, etc.

Parade Lineup Facilitator – Just ask someone who tried to organize 300+ people into one long and strong parade and you’ll know why help is needed.  Suggested duties may include guiding groups to their allotted queue locations, answering basic questions, working with a main parade coordinator, etc.  Please note there may be a bunch of running back and forth involved.

General Interest – Sometimes we just need a volunteer to help out at an event.  We don’t have any key volunteer job ideas right now, but if something comes up we’ll email you!  Example might be helping setup/takedown of an special event.