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More details about the fabulous Kingston Pride Community Fair are continuing to be announced!  Check back here for details!

The Kingston Pride Community Fair is on Saturday, June 16th, featuring many community groups, agencies, organizations, and businesses coming together in the spirit of Pride!  Here, you will find many familiar faces and hopefully meet many more new friendly faces.

This will all take place at Skeleton Park/McBurney Park.  There will be live entertainment, food, and many things to see.  Below is a map and a listing of the exhibitors and vendors who have been accepted to participate in this year’s fair.  More details to come.

Community Fair Map
Please note the map gives approximations of locations for vendors and exhibitors. Final markers will be available in the park on June 16th.
Community Fair Booth:Location:Type:Website:
Blue Canoe ProductionsA1exhibitor
Sexual Assault Centre
KFACC Diversity CommitteeA4vendor
Kingston NDP
Hospice KingstonA8vendor
Addictions and Mental Health Services - Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox, and Addington (AMHS-KFLA)A10exhibitor
Kingston Frontenac Public Library B1exhibitor
Kingston Youth
Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario - Limestone LocalB4exhibitor
T.W.C.M. OrganizationB6exhibitor
Kingston and the Islands Federal Liberal AssociationB7exhibitor
Ministry of Community Safety & Correctional ServicesB8exhibitor
KFLA Public HealthB9exhibitor
Kingston Unitarian Fellowship (KUF)
The Toronto People With AIDS Foundation's Friends For Life Bike
Queen's Research Study: Sexual Orientation and Mental HealthB13exhibitor
Bubba's hot dog
Mio Gelato
Canadian Mental Health Association - Kingston
One Roof, Kingston Youth HubP4exhibitor
HIV/AIDS Regional Services (HARS)
OPSEU Local 462/ Frontenac Paramedics P6exhibitor
Family and Children's Services of Frontenac, Lennox, and
Kingston Interval
United Steelworkers 2010R3exhibitor
New MentalityR4exhibitor
LGBTQ+ Softball LeagueR5exhibitor
Bell MediaR6exhibitor
LeafFilter North of Canada,
Bayridge & Henderson Child Care
Loving It JewelleryX4vendor
Kawartha Credit UnionX8vendor
Geeked Out CanadaX9vendor
Dana X11vendor
Meskhenet Doula
Kingston Community Credit
Pachamama (Mother Earth)Z5vendor
Lyn duToitZ7vendor
1000 Islands DoulaZ8vendor
Liza Gillies
Bell MediaA7exhibitor or

Description of the Community Fair layout

  • For exhibitors, there are two pathways designated in McBurney Park.
    • The first pathway has been nicknamed Rainbow Way.  This path leads from the centre of the park radiating out towards the intersection of Alma/Ordnance/York.  This is the southwest corner of the park.  (The north side of Rainbow Way is designated with identifiers of A1 to A11.  The south side of Rainbow way is designated with the identifiers of B1 to B11.)
    • The second pathway has been nicknamed Pride Path.  This path leads from the centre of the park radiating out towards Clergy and Ordnance.  This is the southern side of the park and has an iron cannon situated there.  (The west side of Pride Path is designated with identifiers P1 to P6.  The east side of Pride Path is designed with identifiers R1 to R6.)
  • For vendors, there is one pathway designated in McBurney Park.  It is nicknamed Pink Mall and leads from the centre of the park radiating out towards Balaclava/Redan street.  This is the north-northeast side of the park.  (The west side of Pride Mall is designated with identifiers X1 to X10.  The east side of Pride Mall is designated with identifiers Z1 to Z10.)
  • For food vendors, they can be found off the central marker/centre of the park as identifiers E1 and F1.
  • The water buggy will be located on the path nicknamed Proud Promenade which radiates out from the centre north towards Patrick Street.
  • Porto-Potties & hand-washing facilities (1 wheelchair accessible potty) will be located on Proud Promenade which radiates out from the centre north towards Patrick Street.
  • The Stage will be set up in front of the park building which also houses additional washrooms.  The stage will face southwest.  The pathway nearest to it leading to Bay Street has been nicknamed Diva Drive.
  • Out & About Alley is the path radiating outwards south easterly towards Ordnance/Sydenham Street.  This path will remain clear of fair booths.
  • The Pride Booth will be located just south off the centre of the park in between Pride Path and Out & About Alley.  The Pride Booth will be the booth for Kingston Pride providing information about the festivities.

Note to Exhibitors and Vendors

Please check your email for announcements and instructions from Kingston Pride.  If you haven’t noticed an email, please check your Email Spam folder first.  And thank you for being a part of the Kingston Pride Community Fair!