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Community Resources

Kingston Pride

Facilitates Kingston’s annual Pride Festival and associated programs. Membership is accessible through online payment or volunteer opportunities. We gladly welcome all who wish to volunteer in making Pride a more inclusive, productive event.

KTown Youth Pride

An organisation made of Kingston youth, to support, represent, and plan events, workshops, and presentations for the LGBTQ2S+ youth of Kingston. One of their main goals is to make safe spaces for the rest of our community. Members can range from age 14-24, see webpage for more information.

Beers for Queers

Weekly night of friends and beer for members of Kingston’s LGBT community and their allies, all identities and orientations welcome.

The BEAVER Lodge

Boisterous Events & Activities for Vibrant & Eager queers, R rated!

A Queer group based on community guideposts designed to operate from abundance, generosity and empathy with a big dash of silliness and an F Yes energy.

18 + for Queer/LGBT + identified women and non-binary individuals living within the Kingston area.


Celebrates queer media arts and to contribute to community vitality by programming materials that focus on issues of sexuality, race, culture, religion, class, gender, ability, health and age, thereby purposefully drawing together and initiating challenging dialogue among disparate members of the queer communities in Kingston and the surrounding area as well as between the larger Kingston community and the queer community.


FUSE Youth Group

Kingston’s official LGBTQ2S+ youth group. FUSE exists to create a safe and fun space for all youth 12-18 years old in Kingston who identify with LGBTQ2S+ or are allies.

Sexual Health Resource Center (SHRC)

The SHRC is a non-profit resource that prides itself on being an inclusive, non judgemental and confidential resource for sex and sexuality in Kingston. They provide learning materials, pamphlets and as well as a variety of sexual health and pleasure products. They also serve as a confidential resource for those in need of immediate support.
(613) 533-2959 Check Facebook page for hours of operation (varies)


Trans Family Kingston

We are a diverse group of transgender people, family members, friends and allies in the Kingston Ontario area.  We gather at least once a month to share stories and experiences, provide peer support, and assist each other in navigating the various barriers faced by trans people and by their supporters.  
CT Survivors Connect
CTSC is a compassionate and dedicated support group and service development program tailored specifically for survivors who have endured the deeply traumatic experience of conversion “therapy” in Canada. Their primary mission is to extend a warm and nurturing embrace to survivors, offering them a sanctuary of safety, unwavering support, and the utmost respect. They hold in person support meetings the first and third Wednesday of every month.

Proudly serving Kingston's 2SLGBTQIA+ community for 30+ years!

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