Current Team

Ian Burns, Chair (he/him)

Ian is excited to be supporting the Kingston 2SLGBTQIA* community in his first term as President, and second term as a member of the Board of KPI. Born and raised in Kingston, Ian is passionate about improving education surrounding queer issues in the community, and increasing accessibility and engagement in Queer events.

Ian 2021May31.jpg

Josee-Lynn Ethier, Vice Chair (she/her)

Étienne Clément, Treasurer (they/them or he/him)

Étienne is an out and proud queer and non-binary person! A graduate of The University of Guelph's engineering program, they currently work as a production and operations manager for a local cannabis beverage start-up. They are passionate about intersectional feminism and queer equality.

Etienne 2021May31.jpg

Mark Richardson, Communications Officer (he/him): Mark is an active member of the queer communities of Kingston and Queen's University. Originally from Halifax, Mark has a PhD in astrophysics from Arizona State, and joined Queen's in 2018 in a role supporting science outreach and education. Mark can often be found rock climbing, hiking, catching a movie, or playing board games with friends. Mark is passionate about building opportunities, resources, and advocacy for and by the Kingston queer community.


Rachael Quickert, Board Member (she/her)

Rachael has called Kingston home for the past 11 years. This is her first year serving on the board of Kingston Pride.

Rachael 2021May31.jpg

Jamie George, Secretary (she/her)

This is Jamie’s first year serving on the board of Kingston Pride. Originally from Niagara Falls, she was brought to Kingston in 2010 by the military and remained here following her retirement in 2019. Originally Jamie was none too eager to do community service following a 10-year career, however as a new member of the LGBTQ+ community, she is excited to dedicate her newfound free time to contributing any way she can. As a parent, her goal is to show her children that differences are to be celebrated not shunned and that people should be free and encouraged to be and love anyone they choose.


Andi Wilder, Board Member (she/her)

Andi is excited to be joining the Kingston Pride board for her first term. Originally from Central NY, she's found Kingston has become her home. Andi's passion in life is building queer community and is a co-founder of The BEAVER Lodge. She believes in queer organizations building each other up and is passionate about fostering partnerships that build a larger active queer community in Kingston.