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Kingston Pride Events Manager announced

News Release

For Immediate Release

Kingston Pride Events Manager announced 

Keith Bilow will be the agent of Kingston Pride Inc. for events planning and fundraising management

February 22, 2018 Kingston, Ont. Kingston Pride Inc.


  1. Kingston Pride Inc. is pleased to announce that Keith Bilow has been hired as the Interim Events Manager to oversee fundraising management and event planning for Kingston Pride 2018.

  2. Keith Bilow brings a wealth of prior management and fundraising experience to the position, including 3 years as the Fundraiser for the Multiple Sclerosis Society and work as the Political Affairs Director for the Kingston Real Estate Association. He also has significant event planning experience in the LGBTQ+ community.

Quick Facts

  1. Kingston Pride is a grassroots organization established in 1989 that works to promote awareness and inclusion of the LGBTQ+ 

  2. Kingston Pride coordinates a wide range of activities to gather as a community and to be out and proud to ourselves and those around us.

  3. Pride gives us the opportunity to be willingly visible in our community; to show the world our diversity; to give thanks to those before us who have campaigned for our rights, and to give voice to our ongoing quest for equality.

  4. The Events Manager is responsible for developing, managing and executing Kingston Pride Inc. Board approved events

  5. Kingston Pride Inc. relies on fundraising and sponsorship for events and activities 

  6. The term of Keith Bilow’s employment as Interim Events Manager is February to July 2018


“We are extremely happy to have Keith Bilow work with Kingston Pride 2018. We are confident that his fundraising and event planning experience in the LGBTQ+ community will help make Kingston Pride 2018 a success.”

Ruth Wood 

Chair, Kingston Pride Inc. 

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